Happy Valentine’s Day with the music on Toronto Lounge

Here at Toronto Lounge we are very romantic, and so we would like to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our listeners, and thank you for choosing Toronto Lounge, online radio streaming the best selection of Chillout, Lounge, Deep House & Electronic Music from the heart of Toronto, Canada.

Happy Valentine's Day from Toronto Lounge Radio
Happy Valentine’s Day from Toronto Lounge Radio

New Show on Toronto Lounge: Aperitif Lounge with DJ Stefan

Dj Stefan is a DJ of Lounge Music and Disco Music.
Born in Salento (1977), he played in several clubs in Salento and the Riviera Romagnola where he lived for several years.
Now he lives and plays in Milan.
He has a vast musical culture, with a single common denominator: the quality of his music, of great impact and sensation.
His training started with vinyls, having a rich collection of downtempo and nu jazz music.

Always attentive to refined and elegant sounds, in his DJ sets he proposes a careful selection of Lounge, Chill, World, Deep & Soulful House.

Cool sounds capable of touching the listener’s deep sensitivity.


DJ Stefan is on Toronto Lounge Radio
DJ Stefan is on Toronto Lounge Radio

Deep State Sessions : new Show on Toronto Lounge

Join Toronto Lounge Radio each and every Wednesday for a special edition of Deep State Sessions and experience the smooth silky melodic sounds of DJ Francis James. Each show is a hand-picked blend of the best and newest melodic sounds out there that will be sure to take you on a musical journey–Enjoy!

DJ Francis James is an experienced DJ/Producer with over 25 years of industry experience.

DJ Francis James is on Toronto Lounge Radio
DJ Francis James is on Toronto Lounge Radio
Deep State Sessions, every Wednesday at 7 p.m. (EST) on Toronto Lounge Radio
Deep State Sessions, every Wednesday at 7 p.m. (EST) on Toronto Lounge Radio

He is a music specialist that can make any event special and unique from the rest! Originally from the Philadelphia and New York City areas, he spent much of his youth engulfed in music which quickly became his passion and joy! He quickly learned that his versatility and knowledge of music were both an asset and the key to getting a crowd on the dance floor in any environment or party. He was taught by some of the best known disc-jockeys within the Tri-State Area (Philadelphia, NYC, & Atlantic City) that had extensive DJ Residencies and Radio Shows in the early 1990’s.

Over the years he has worked major nightclubs in Philadelphia, New York City, and the Atlantic City areas with a residency at one of the biggest nightclubs in Philadelphia in the mid-1990’s (Egypt Nightclub) and many other DJ guest appearances in both New York City and Atlantic City.

He has been involved with countless DJ Expos over the course of his career, including doing some guest DJ Sets at the prestigious Winter Music Conference in Miami. He has had countless radio shows which have been broadcasted world-wide on various internet radio stations under various DJ aliases at one time or another, and he is also an up and coming music producer which has had some of his older productions distributed on world-renowned sites such as Beatport (USA) and Juno Records from the UK.

In 2016, he had the opportunity to open for some of the biggest names in the Electronic Dance Music Industry such as: Alex M.O.R.P.H., Adam Ellis, UCast, and one of Armin Van Buuren’s legendary trance vocalist, Susana from Amsterdam. He is now currently residing in Cologne, Germany and is back in the studio making some fresh new melodic music. He is focusing on Deep House with elements of synthwave incorporated into it—so stay tuned and thanks for the support!

Web: www.djfrancisjames.com
Bookings: djfrancisjames@gmail.com


Deep State Sessions, hosted by DJ Francis James , on Toronto Lounge every Wednesday at 12 p.m. (EST)

Toronto Lounge Summer Groove: 200+ new tracks in playlist

Dear listeners,

today is the first day of Summer! To celebrate, I have added more than 200 new tracks in Toronto Lounge Radio playlist.

Besides Chillout and Lounge music, you’ll find some more uptempo tracks, covering Tropical House and Deep House.

This is Toronto Lounge Summer Groove, I hope you’ll enjoy the music as much as I do.

Thanks for listening to Toronto Lounge Radio.



Toronto Lounge Summer Groove is the new playlist of Toronto Lounge Radio - Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash
Toronto Lounge Summer Groove is the new playlist of Toronto Lounge Radio – Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Toronto Lounge Radio Music Selection

I’m excited because Toronto Lounge Radio is officially ON-AIR, streaming online from Toronto (Canada) the finest Mix of Chillout and Soft House Music, non-stop 24/7, with NO advertising.

Our music is carefully selected by human beings, not cold computer algorithms. All tracks are picked one by one, because we want to give our listeners a unique sound journey.

Besides Chill and Soft House Music, on Toronto Lounge Radio you will find also some Smooth Jazz, World Music, Electro, Tropical and Deep House, thrown in from time to time for good measure.

Our Music selection is really eclectic, but I personally find that the tracks fit well together and provide you with an original soundtrack for whatever activity you are doing: working, commuting, studying, having dinner with friends, relaxing on the sofa or in bed.

Here an explanation of the music genres, courtesy of Wikipedia, although I think it would be easier to listen to the radio to get an idea, than reading what we play on this article LOL


Toronto Lounge Radio, streaming LIVE 24/7 from Toronto, ON, Canada
Toronto Lounge Radio, streaming LIVE 24/7 from Toronto, ON, Canada – Photo by Juan Davila on Unsplash


Chillout and Lounge Music

Chillout (also known as Chill or Lounge music) is a general term for music whose purpose is to make the listener feel relaxed, inducing a sense of calm and relaxation. Chillout covers various styles including Ambient, Easy listening and Downtempo. It is characterised by its slow tempo and mellow sounds.

Smooth Jazz

Smooth Jazz is a radio format (and as some would consider, a sub-genre) of Jazz music. Although the term itself uses the word Jazz, musically the genre does not have all that much in common with traditional Jazz music, instead it is generally more orientated towards Smooth Pop and RnB.

Tropical House

Tropical House, often abbreviated as Trop House, is a fairly new House Music subgenre. It is characterized by a summer feeling, incorporating instruments such as saxophones, steel drums, electro synths, and marimbas. The vibe is generally lighter and more relaxed compared to other genres such as Deep House.

Deep House

A (slightly) slower variant of House (around 120 BPM) with greater influences from Soul, Jazz, and Funk.

World Music

World Music is a musical category encompassing many different styles of music from around the globe. It includes many forms of ethnic music, indigenous music, folk music, neo traditional music, and music where more than one cultural tradition, such as non-Western music and Western popular music, intermingle.

Well, now sit back, relax and enjoy the music on Toronto Lounge Radio!


Toronto Lounge Radio: Finest Chillout and Soft House Music Mix
Toronto Lounge Radio: Finest Chillout and Soft House Music Mix